The Monday Sting Episode 4

"Cancer [is a] bitch"

So I’m sure all of us have been affected by the ugly c-word in some way or another, whether we’ve had a friend or relative battle it or lost a beloved celebrity icon to it. Cancer is an unfortunate part of our reality, much like AIDS, and it kills and maims a lot of people. Some people survive it, others aren’t so fortunate. 

But when you start capitalizing on it financially, you’re an ass.

Here’s the story.

A year or two ago, an associate at Walmart by the name of Christie went out on medical leave due to cancer. Word got around that she was having trouble paying her medical bills so Walmart decided to help out and raise money for her. No a bad thing at all, no matter what kind of person Christie is… she once provoked me into calling her a bitch on Christmas. A BITCH ON CHRISTMAS.

But I digress.

Almost the entire store was pitching in raising money. They even made shirts up for that read, “Caring For Christie”. They even put a pink ribbon on it

As many of you know the pink ribbon is used for breast cancer, a very deadly form of cancer which has claimed the lives of a lot of women.

When these shirts came out people, customers and associates alike, started raising even more money. No one had known what kind of cancer Christie had up until this point. And breast cancer is nothing to make light of and is a very serious threat. Women all of the store, who normally couldn’t stand Christie, banded together for this one.

Well, Christie beat it and the store celebrated as she came back to work.

Here come’s the sting.

A few months after Christie returned to the store and her old devious ways, me and a coworker made an observation. She didn’t appear to have gone through any chemo treatments and didn’t appear to have had surgery. So what the fuck happened?

Allow me to fill you in. I asked a different coworker about the situation and she laughs, “She didn’t have breast cancer, all she had was some mild skin cancer. They just cut it off.”

That pissed me off. It’s not that I wanted to see Christie die of cancer or anything, but there’s certain lines that you don’t cross. I get that she needed help paying for her medical problems and the store banded together to raise money for her. That doesn’t bother me.

What pisses me off is that my store, Walmart #1465, exploited the pink ribbon to raise money for Christie’s operation. I’m not kidding. These people played if off like she had breast cancer and was going through hellacious chemo and radiation therapy. 

Now I’m not trying to make light of skin cancer by any means, I know it’s a serious thing, as is anything with the word cancer attached. But there’s a huge difference between simply having surgery and going through chemo and the drastically changing surgery that results from breast cancer.

It was a very fucked up thing to do on the store’s part. Skin cancer has it’s own awareness ribbon to represent it. But these fools did not want to raise awareness, all they wanted to raise was money. It was a very underhanded thing to do but apparently very few people at the store see anything wrong with it.

So like many of the devious actions of the Danville Walmart, store #1465, it is simply ignored and they keep on going day to day with a smile on their face, like the puppets they are.

*In a side note: I would like to dedicate this blog to the memory of all the people who lost their lives to cancer and in honor of all the beat who it. And to the people who stood by their loved ones through the battles. All of you are an inspiration for the good in humanity, for proving that we can hold our heads up high even through the darkest battles. Thank you.*

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That was a good hug!

The Batman is no stranger to crossovers with characters from other publications.

The Batman is no stranger to crossovers with characters from other publications.

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Thinking about getting a tattoo that says “honor never dies”

The Monday Sting Episode #3

"Drop The Vernacular"

We all use slang at some point in our lives. You do it, I do it, we all do it. We’ve all had our moments when something was cool and hot at the same time but I believe at a certain point in our lives there comes a moment when we have to stop trying to add new slang into our vocabulary and just accept that we’re getting old.

Story time.

A couple of years ago, Walmart hired a new guy named Quentin. He was about three or four years younger than me. We’re working together one day when he said something was “ratchet.” I can imagine the look on my face. I had no idea what he was talking about. So I asked him what ratchet meant. He tried his best to explaining it, all while telling me, “you ain’t bout that life”… what life he meant I still don’t know. I finally put all of his definitions of the word together and asked if it meant the same thing as ghetto or trashy. “Yeah but no. Ya know?” No. So he had said some new song was ratchet so I thought maybe it was a rap thing. I asked my coworker Donald, who listens to rap, about it and he replied “Man, you heard Quentin saying that shit didn’t you? I don’t know what it means either.”

Then realization set in. I wasn’t supposed to know what it meant. I had finally reached an age where new slang was no longer relevant to my vocabulary. I was getting older and growing more mature.

Another story.

I went to visit a teacher the other day and we were talking about different things when my love life came up. I should her a picture of the girl I’m interested in and after remarking several times about how pretty the girl is, she said “That’s a great selfie too.” I felt very awkward. I can barely tolerate the word “selfie” as it is but to here someone about fifteen years my senior, it was just weird.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. Perhaps I’m just so far out of the loop(I was never really in) of what’s hip that I’ve lost a connection to pop culture and how to talk. Then again, I’ve always been more of a catchphrase kinda guy.

A ratchet to me is a tool, swag sounds like a style of walking for people who are crippled, and yolo… well I’ve always been more of a YODO kinda guy…

You Only Die Once. Remember that the next time you want to do something stupid. Just some words to live by.

*Sorry this shit was late. Internet was down.*

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That moment when a story you came up with is so dark and twisted that it actually disturbs you.

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The first movie I ever went to see was Batman Returns. On that day everything changed.

The first movie I ever went to see was Batman Returns. On that day everything changed.

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